We are here to empower and enable our clients. When it comes to digital transformation and process automation we want to leave you stronger and more confident.

We know from experience that when we work together to empower your teams, enhancing their capabilities through our processes and Centre of Excellence, you’re left in a stronger position and better able to do your jobs excellently.

Empowering and Enhancing the team

Our Technical Leads are more than their title suggests. They are excellent communicators and have people skills that are invaluable when developing others. But most importantly, they are passionate about developing the programmers they are responsible for. We believe this fosters an attitude of growth within Intellimorph, which means we’re innovating quicker and creating better solutions for you.

We do this by:

  • Encouraging open communication

  • Asking for input, ideas and insights

  • Challenging the developer’s capabilities

  • Trusting and giving autonomy

  • Mentoring

The Centre of Excellence

We want your Digital Transformation and Process Automation programme to be a success long after we’ve stopped working together. This means that we’ll need to put the right framework in place to ensure that it is sustainable.

From experience, we understand the vast array of different challenges organisations face when implementing a Process Automation approach.

We’ll harness that experience and establish a Centre of Excellence model that is right for your needs. Working together, we’ll discuss what is needed to deliver a model that will support growth, governance, compliance and your workplace culture.

Whether it’s a Centralised, De-centralised or Federated approach, we’ll make sure that it is staffed with the right roles. We’ll also ensure that there is a funding process in place, as both of these are pivotal in your long-term success.

As our Head of Delivery, Shafi Sacoor says, “It’s kind of like teaching my daughter to ride a bike. We go to Halfords, she tells me what colour she wants, whether she wants tassels on the handlebars or not and the bell she likes. Together with the Halfords expert we choose the right bike for her. I teach her to ride over the next few weekends, holding her seat less and less each time. Together we’ll go over the etiquette, considerations and risks involved in riding. And eventually when I feel she is ready, I let go.”

We know that empowering your organisation is not quite like teaching someone to ride a bike, but it is a good, if simple, illustration of what we do.

The underlying principals of supporting and advising, instilling responsibility and developing skills all apply. We want to make sure that we are giving you all the support and assistance you need and for us, that means establishing your Centre of Excellence so that when we ‘let go’ you’re stronger, more confident, able to succeed and empowered to do what you are made to do, long after we’ve left.